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Our Philosophy

                                  is all about bringing


  you rejuvenation and relaxation,


  thus promoting rapid healing.


Mdm Sri has a team of dedicated

therapist whom she personally trained to meet with clients' needs especially in the postnatal and slimming services.

Tel: +65 9663 3491 (Singapore)

Tel: +44 7404 650 074 (London)



All enquiries are welcome

My Profile


Sri Therapy was founded by Mdm Sri Megowati.


Established since November 2009.


A Singapore-born Javanese, with roots from Central Java, Indonesia. 

She is a Singapore-based therapist cum Trainer.


She has been a therapist for more than 19 years.

Specialises in Prenatal, Jamu Postnatal massage, slimming, weight management,

conceive preparatory massage, foot reflexology, hijama and facial treatments.


WDA Certified Trainer - Customised Training for Groups or individual can be arranged.                           

Used to work in a spa and slimming centre.


Professional Qualifications:

1) ITEC (UK) - Diploma in Holistic Massage

2) ITEC (UK) - Diploma for Beauty Specialists

3) ITEC (UK) - Diploma in Lymphatic Drainage Massage

4) CIBTAC (UK) - Diploma in Diet and Nutrition

5) School of Traditional Javanese Massage Singapore

     - Adv Cert in Pre/Postnatal  and Slimming

6) ACTA (WDA) - Adv Cert in Training and Assessment

     - Certified Developer, Trainer and Assessor for WSQ massage and spa courses.

7) Singapore Red Cross Society  - Adult CPR

8) Sekar Jagat Spa Bali - Certificate in Balinese Body Massage & Traditional Balinese Facial

9) Doc's Bekam Wellness & Training Centre

        - Certificate in Evidence-Based Course in Clinical Cupping Skill & Pre-Advance Series


Islandwide and worldwide. Also accept overseas assignment.

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