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                  Massage Services in Paris, France

                         Call Mdm Sri at +33 758 49 87 70


1) Mdm Sri was in Paris from 8th Mar to 15th Mar 2017 (assignment completed)

    Areas around La Defense


2) Mdm Sri was in Paris from 30th Sep to 6th Oct 2017 (assignment completed)

    Areas around Damremont & Courbevoie


3) Mdm Sri was in Paris from 12th June 2019 - 19th June 2019 (assignment completed)

    Areas around Boulogne-Billancourt & Porte Maillot


4) Mdm Sri trip to Paris from 16th March 2020 -22nd March 2020  was cancelled  due to Covid19.

    Areas around Neuilly-Sur-Seine & Porte Maillot

5) Mdm Sri will be in Paris from 28th June 2022 - 8th July 2022 (tentative date)

    Areas around Porte Maillot

       Please email us for bookings or enquiries. Thank You.



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