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1)  Mdm Sri was in Melbourne from  28th May - 9th June 2013 (assignments completed)

      Areas around Roxburgh Park, Oak Park, Glen Waverly and Camberwell


2) Mdm Sri was in Perth from 13th Aug - 22nd Aug 2013 (assignment  completed)

      Areas around Wanneroo, Bull Creek and CBD


3) Mdm Sri was in Melbourne from 10th Apr - 20th Apr 2014 (assignment completed)

       Areas around Roxburgh Park, Clayton and CBD


4) Mdm Sri was in Melbourne from 29th Sep - 8th Oct 2014  (assignment completed)

       Areas around Roxburgh Park, Glen Waverly and CBD only


5) Mdm Sri was in Hobart from 4th Apr - 13th Apr 2015 (assignment completed)

        Sandy Bay area only


6) Mdm Sri was in Melbourne from 13th Oct - 23rd Oct 2016 (assignment completed)

          Areas around CBD and Mt Waverly


7) Mdm Sri was in Hobart from 11th Dec - 19th Dec 2016 (assignment completed)


8) Mdm Sri was in Melbourne from 31st Dec 2017 - 6th Jan 2018 (assignment completed)

       Areas around Ashburton and Cheltenham


9) Mdm Sri was in Melbourne from 19th Nov 2018 - 29th Nov 2018 (assignment completed)

       Areas around Thornbury, Melb CBD and Brunswick East

10) Mdm Sri was in Sydney from 1st Jan - 11th Jan 2019 (assignment completed)

     Areas around Leppington and Revesby


11) Mdm Sri was in Melbourne from 22nd Jan - 3rd Feb 2020 (assignment completed)

      Areas around Box Hill and Wantirna South

12) Mdm Sri will be in Sydney from 16th March - 22th March 2021 (tentative date)

      Areas around Lindfield


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