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                   Massage Services in Melbourne,Perth & Sydney

                                 Call Mdm Sri at 0469 741 064



Full Body Massage

Traditional Javanese Massage

60min session      AUD 80


JAMU Post-natal Javanese Massage

70min session - with jamu & traditional cloth wrapping.

Can be done 4 days after Normal Delivery or 14 days after C-sect


3 days session     AUD  350

7 days session     AUD  800

10 days session   AUD  1120

Blockducts & Engorgement Service AUD 80

60min session - using heat therapy combined with manual massage


Pre-natal Javanese Massage

Traditional Javanese Massage for pregnant women.                                                  

Can be done on 2nd Trimester onwards.                                                                    

60min session      AUD 80                                                                                                                        

                                          Please email us for bookings or enquiries. Thank You.



Conceive Preparatory Massage

Having difficulties in conceiving? Give it a try

Relaxing and Healing effect 

70min session     AUD 100

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