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  Mdm Sri with TV host Ibrahim Sawifi

Mediacorp - Suria Channel


Mdm Sri was featured in Mediacorp's Suria Channel

programme "Makan Expose" on 1st April 2010 @ 8.30pm.


In the programme she talked about using tamarind (asam jawa) and tumeric (kunyit) as a traditional medicine. 


The word tamarind is derived from arabic word 'tamar' means dates and 'indi' means india - Dates from India.


Tamarind juice can be used as a refreshing drink to

lower cholesterol, reduce body weight, prevent constipation

and remove unpleasant body odour.


Tumeric mixed with tamarind juice (kunyit asam) helps to

smooth menstruation flow thus ease menstruation cramp.


Mdm Sri uses the kunyit asam for her treatment.

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