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    Traditional Cloth Wrapping (Stagen)

Neat & tidy - Non-bulky & easy to go toilet

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 on 6 Apr 2012

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  on 12 Apr 2012

Benefits of Jamu Postnatal Massage


Are you a new mother who deserves or requires some exotic indulgence?


 Learn about Jamu Postnatal  Massage and Wrap Therapy:

•Jamu Postnatal Massage and wrap therapy will care for your physical, emotional and social wellbeing


•This is a treat worth sharing  daily home visits, massage with essential oils, stomach reduction techniques, herbal remedies and  expert advice


•Jamu is a blend of herbs derived from bark, roots, flowers, and other parts of various medicinal plants


•This therapy involves a deep tissue massage using lemon-grass scent herbal oil that relieve your muscle tension


•The massage helps to correct the prolapsed uterus

  (sengkak in malay terms) - adjusting back the womb to its original position (applicable only for normal delivery)


•Wrap therapy will stimulate blood circulation, remove flatulence and muscle contraction  aids in contouring the body shape and get rid of toxins out of your body


•The cloth wrapping is a good tummy and back support


Traditional Javanese massage can be classified as a slimming massage.


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