Slimming with shrink wrap

Customised Slimming Massage


The slimming treatment consists of a 75min Lymphatic Drainage Detox massage with a specially blended slimming oil and the hot lemon-grass slimming cream.


The slimming cream will be applied on the targeted areas like tummy, thighs and arms.


After which, the targetted areas will be wrapped with a durable plastic shrink wrap.


Rates at $65 - targetting at arms only or $70 - targeting around tummy, thighs and arms area front & back.


Customised Easy to Follow Diet Plan will be provided to complement the slimming treatment. Vital measurement will be recorded.


Plse note: Cannot be done during postpartum recovery and during monthly menstrual period.


Clients with medical condition will be recommended to do the 60min session at $60 - without the slimming cream and the plastic wrap.


Their blood pressure reading will be taken before and after each session.

Contact Mdm Sri at +65 9663 3491

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