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                                            Massage Services in London, UK

               Call Mdm Sri at +44 7404 650 074



Full Body Massage

Traditional Javanese Massage

60min session      GBP 80


JAMU Post-natal Javanese Massage

65min session - with jamu & traditional cloth wrapping.

Can be done 4 days after Normal Delivery or 18 days after C-sect


3 days session     GBP  285

7 days session     GBP  660

10 days session   GBP  900

Blockducts & Engorgement Service GBP 80

60min session - using heat therapy combined with manual massage


Pre-natal Javanese Massage

Traditional Javanese Massage for pregnant women.                                                  

Can be done on 2nd Trimester onwards.                                                                    

60min session      GBP 80

Conceive Preparatory Massage

Having difficulties in conceiving? Give it a try

Relaxing and Healing effect 

70min session     GBP 90   



                                     Please email us for bookings or enquiries. Thank You.



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